Specialty Commercial Services

Wood Finishing & Restoration

The H&H team offers wood finishing and restoration to stain or seal the interior or exterior of various types of wood. We prepare wood for finishing in a number of ways including sanding and stripping existing coatings.

Vapor Blasting

Vapor blasting is one of H&H Paintings methods of surface preparation and is used to remove rust from steel and existing coatings from a variety of substrates. Vapor blasting creates 92% less dust than typical sandblasting type applications which reduces the need for containment. It also greatly improves the associate’s safety while performing this type of work due to being practically dust-free. We can also provide heavy duty industrial cleaning with this system.

LEED/Sustainable Design

H&H has extensive experience with sustainable and Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. Often referred to as LEED®, this green building certification program recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices.

To receive LEED certification building projects must satisfy prerequisites and earn points to achieve different levels of certification. LEED guidelines for architectural paints, coatings and primers applied to interior surfaces must not exceed VOC content limits established in Green Seal Standard GS-11 to achieve points for the use of low emitting materials.

H&H is proud of its numerous with LEED and sustainable design projects. Due to our experience in LEED projects, our staff also has strong knowledge of the new paint coatings on the market that meet LEED requirements and we know which products will give the facility owners maximum performance and maintenance value.