6 Reasons to Repaint Your Commercial Property Now

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As a business owner, first impressions go a long way. The last thing you want as a building owner is to discover that your customers or tenants have considered searching elsewhere because they’ve noticed an unkempt or unsightly facility.

Among the best ways to ensure that your company always leaves a positive and lasting impression is to stay on top of your building’s interior and exterior paintwork. Moreover, regularly refreshing your building’s paint can be a cost-effective strategy for overall maintenance.

Aside from improving aesthetic appeal, let’s look at the main reasons to hire a commercial painting contractor now to enhance your business.

1. Increase Foot Traffic

Damaged interior and exterior walls of your building like chipping and peeling paint are seemingly minor defects. But while you might be accustomed to seeing them, these glaring faults are usually one of the first elements of your business that new customers notice. Drab and dingy-looking buildings are a reflection of the business itself. 

Repainting the exterior of your building is an easy way to enhance curb appeal and entice the public to visit your business. It shows new customers and lessees that you care about your brand reputation and the community as a whole. Fresh interior coatings can also establish your business as an overall inviting space where customers can spend more time.

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2. Protect Your Building From Frequent Maintenance

A new coat of paint does more than revitalize your brand’s image. Commercial-grade paints can also help protect building owners from costly maintenance expenditures down the line. Certain building materials like wood, concrete, or steel can deteriorate very quickly when exposed to exterior weather without a solid protective coating.  Without simple maintenance of the coating, it can be expensive to replace the deteriorated surface. Partnering with an experienced commercial painting contractor can help you identify any existing vulnerabilities that the right coating system can help with.Every commercial building in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids experiences harsh seasonal elements. If left unprotected, your building can start showing weather-related damage such as corrosion, salt damage, or more. Deferring this type of work only increases maintenance costs down the line while potentially diminishing your property’s value.

3. Rebranding Your Business

If your business has recently undergone a rebranding initiative, adding new colors to your exterior and interior is an effective way to signify your new change. Even if you decide to keep your building’s current colors the same, fresh paint marks a new beginning and can make an impact.

New paint can bring more dimension to your commercial office building, giving it a much-needed facelift to let customers and staff know your company is pointed in a new direction. 

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4. Improved Workplace and Employee Morale

Employee morale has always been an important measurement of the overall health of an organization. Your staff and team members speculate about the future of your business just as much as you. Upon noticing elements like deferred maintenance and aging paintwork, they may start questioning the company’s future.

Creating an aesthetically-pleasing working environment can increase employee satisfaction and productivity. It’s a great way to show your staff that you’re committed to them and the organization. It also demonstrates to potential partners and business clients that you’re a reputable company to work with.

5. Keep Up With Competition

The current business milieu is competitive, especially for those who deal in commercial office and industrial space management and leasing. Storefronts and commercial warehouse buildings that maintain bright, clean-looking facades reflect attention to detail and an invested pride in their business.

Buildings like these are more likely to attract repeat customers and better employees. The more care you put into your interior and exterior design, the better your odds are of earning repeat business that might otherwise turn elsewhere.

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6. Attract Better Tenants

The market for commercial leasing has shifted dramatically over the last three years and is expected to remain competitive into the future. Quality tenants willing to spend a high premium on rent also tend to pay careful attention to details like paint work.

If a prospective renter notices your commercial building needs paint repairs or exhibits other issues, like wall damage, they’re likely to continue searching for office space and take their business needs elsewhere. 

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