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What to Ask When Getting a Commercial Painting Estimate for Your Building

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Whether you operate a business out of a commercial building or lease space to tenants, fresh paint can have a major impact on the value of your building. Peeling and faded paint can be a turn-off for customers and, if you rent space, could result in your tenants moving to a more attractive location instead.

But when it is time to paint your commercial building, one of the first questions you will want to answer is “what should a painting quote include?” H&H Painting Co. offers these tips to ensure you understand your quote and what factors influence the final price.

1. Type of Prep Work Needed

Every existing commercial building will require different levels and methods of prep before painting can be done. Typically a higher level of prep means a higher cost, but the right prep can also ensure the coating system lasts longer. 

Not every project requires the maximum level of prep.  It all depends on what factors are most important to you regarding your financial budget, desired longevity of the coating system, and the time constraints on when the project needs to be completed.  These factors should all be discussed between you and the contractor and detailed in the proposal.

2. Quality and Type of Paint

The first thing to look for in a painting quote is the type and quality of the paint the contractor plans to use. Keep in mind that when it comes to painting, lower cost is not always the best option. Although high-quality paints may cost more, they will provide a better finish and will help protect the surfaces from weather, abrasion, corrosion, and fading. 

H&H Tip: If you have specific performance requirements from the coatings or products being used on your project, clearly state them to your contractor prior to the estimate so they can factor them into the proposal. It may also be helpful to request the contractor to provide product data for the products they are proposing to use on the project.

3. Making Dramatic Changes

Another factor that must be considered when looking at the quality and type of paint is how many coats it will require to complete the project. If you are making dramatic changes in color, it is likely that more than one coat will be necessary. In addition, any design features you hope to add, such as accent walls or borders could also increase the amount of paint used and the commercial painting cost.

4. Use of Special Equipment

The type of building also matters when it comes to your final quote. Building features such as high-rise apartments, high ceilings, or the need to place painting equipment on a stairwell to reach an area can increase your costs as well.

If the contractor must use elevated work platforms, swing stages, rope access, or scaffolding, the price will likely be higher than if they can reach all the areas with a simple ladder. If you do have unique issues that will require special equipment, you want the contractor to use that equipment, so the job is completed safely and in a timely manner.

5. Project Repairs

Sometimes a commercial paint project also requires repairs to some areas of the building. This could include repairs to concrete, damage from water leaks, or even lead paint if your building is older. These will need to be addressed before painting can begin. If they are ignored, the structural integrity of your building could be compromised and a fresh coat of paint will not last.

6. Required Completion Date and Time

Because you are operating a business, you may not want painters working while customers and employees are present. Even if you have tenants in the building, they are likely not going to want ladders, scaffolding, and tarps scattered around their place of business during painting. 

To avoid this, most painting companies will offer the option to complete the project after hours. But keep in mind that when you request after-hours work, the project cost will increase.

7. Size of the Job

Another factor that goes into commercial painting cost is the size of your building. In addition, any extra details that must be addressed, such as crown molding, intricate woodwork, or other design features will also add to the project’s cost.

Take a look at H&H’s gallery to see our past commercial painting projects.

8. Watch for Hidden Costs

One question to keep in mind when asking for a quote is any unexpected hidden costs. Review the estimate from the commercial painting company carefully when you get it. Ask the company if there could be anything that crops up later that could increase your final cost. 

Keep in mind that some repairs may not initially be visible until the painters get to work, so ask what process the company uses to let you know about issues that may arise and how they handle any unexpected costs that may appear. 

H&H Tip: Keeping track of your current and past colors, products, and paint formulas may reduce unnecessary costs.

commercial painting project with workers

Remember Each Painting Job is Unique

Keep in mind that every painting job is unique. Even if the building next door looks similar, it is possible that the cost to paint your neighbor’s building may not be the same as yours. Although there are some pricing benchmarks that most contractors use to bid on a project, there are other, unseen factors that could change that quote. 

Most commercial painters charge between $2 and $6 per square foot for paint and supplies plus between $45 and $100 an hour for labor. Those are fairly wide ranges as they totally depend on the complexity of your project, the amount of paint necessary to complete the job properly, and the equipment as well as experience that will be required.

Does Your Business Need Commercial Painting Done?

If you have a commercial building ready to be painted, H&H Painting Co. is here to help. Our professional team can guide you through the entire process and help you get your building exterior or interior painted quickly and efficiently. 

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