Wallcovering Services

Digital/Graphic Wallcovering

The new trend in the wall covering industry is the custom digital or graphic wall covering which is basically a picture of any image printed on 54” wide commercial wall covering. When the image is produced on the wall covering it is printed with each sheet of wall covering being numbered in sequence. This material has to be installed precisely because each sheet is uniquely printed and there is no room for error and no way to replace a sheet if it is damaged or miss cut during installation. H & H has extensive experience installing graphic wall covering and we understand all of the conditions that need to be evaluated and considered to ensure a flawless finished product.

Specialty Wallcovering

Unique forms of wall covering H & H Painting has experience with is wood veneer wall coverings and acoustical wall coverings. The wood wall coverings are an actual wood veneer that is glued to a wall covering backing and installed in sheets, typically from 2 feet to 4 feet wide. Acoustical wall coverings add texture, color, and sound properties to many spaces.