Docks Unlimited

Completion Year



The project encompassed a comprehensive set of tasks, beginning with the precision technique of shot blasting, meticulously performed on a pre-existing concrete floor. This involved the careful removal of the weathered, pre-existing coating while simultaneously ensuring that the concrete surface achieved the necessary profile for subsequent treatments.

Following this initial phase, the skilled team conducted a detailed inspection, identifying areas on the concrete floor that exhibited low points, irregularities, and surface imperfections. To address these issues and create a uniformly level and seamless foundation, a sophisticated epoxy patching procedure was executed. This not only rectified these imperfections but also reinforced the concrete, enhancing its long-term durability and overall structural integrity.

The project’s ultimate transformation came to fruition through the precise application of a specialized epoxy floor coating. Selected with utmost care, this coating served a dual purpose. Firstly, it imparted a fresh and aesthetically pleasing appearance to the floor. Beyond its cosmetic enhancements, this epoxy coating functioned as a robust protective layer, ensuring the floor’s resistance to the rigors of daily use, including wear and tear, chemical exposure, and enhancing its structural strength. In essence, this project demonstrated the meticulous artistry of converting an aged concrete floor into a revitalized and highly functional surface, surpassing the client’s expectations both in terms of form and function.