H&H Painting Co.


Generally, larger scale than residential projects, H & H Painting Co has extensive experience with commercial painting projects. Often requiring more complex scheduling, coordination with other trades, and more manpower, the experts at H & H Painting Co work well with construction managers, architects, and facility owners to ensure the successful completion of the project’s full scope.

Commercial/Multi-Use Projects

  • Employment Group Grand Rapids & Battle Creek
  • CD-12 Kalamazoo
  • Veritas Law Office
  • The Foundry Kalamazoo
  • Geislinger Office
  • Switch Grand Rapids
  • Airview Suites
  • United Building Kalamazoo
  • Charles River fitness
  • Consumers Credit Union Headquarters
  • 1st National Bank Golf Ridge
  • Battle Creek Honda
  • Advia Credit Union Richland, West Main, & Comstock
  • Airview Suites
  • Stryker Joint Robotics
  • YMCA Kalamazoo Pool
  • Eaton Proving Grounds
  • Duncan Aviation Lobby
  • Omni Credit Union Kalamazoo
  • Comerica Bank Rose Street
  • Christman Lansing Office
  • WACO Facility
  • United Federal Credit Union Corporate Center
  • WKKI
  • Harold Zeigler Auto Remodel
  • Charles River Penthouse
  • Grand Elk Railroad
  • Advia Credit Union Headquarters
  • Epredia Office Services
  • South Michigan Bank & Trust Coldwater