Owen Ames Kimball

Completion Year



At Grandville High School in Grand Rapids Michigan, our team showcased their proficiency in providing top-notch commercial painting services during the construction of a state-of-the-art athletics lobby and fitness center. Our involvement in this project was comprehensive, and our commitment to excellence was evident in every aspect of our work. As part of our scope of work, we skillfully painted the exposed ceilings and walls of the facility, ensuring a polished and vibrant appearance that would inspire both students and visitors alike.

In addition to the foundational painting work, our team demonstrated its artistic flair by creating captivating painted wall graphics. These graphics not only added an aesthetic dimension to the space but also celebrated the spirit of athleticism and school pride. To further enhance the ambiance of the athletics lobby and fitness center, we undertook the meticulous installation of digital and graphic wall coverings. This sophisticated touch not only elevated the visual appeal of the facility but also made it a welcoming and motivating environment for all who entered. At Grandville High School, we took pride in contributing to the creation of a space that truly embodied the school’s commitment to excellence in athletics and aesthetics